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CompanyWeidert Group, Inc.
TitleMarketing Manager
RegionNortheast Wisconsin
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Company Profile

Weidert Group, founded in 1980, is a B2B inbound marketing agency based in Appleton, Wisconsin. A certified HubSpot partner since 2011, Weidert Group achieved Platinum-level partner status with HubSpot in 2015. HubSpot is the leading marketing automation and sales software, with over 21,000 customers in 70 countries. Weidert Group is a full-service agency providing all components of an inbound marketing and sales effort: website and UX design, content strategy and development, search engine optimization (SEO), social media management, lead nurturing, sales enablement services, and overall marketing management.

Clients represent B2B companies inequipment manufacturing, finance/insurance, industrial A/E/C, and supply chain/distribution—in addition to technology companies supporting these industries.

Weidert Group hires people whose capabilities have been influenced by quality education, significant responsibilities, and meaningful accomplishments, and who’ve demonstrated expertise in Weidert Group's service areas. Most of our team members have experience working on the client side of marketing and sales, and all of us are Inbound Certified by HubSpot.


Weidert Group, one of the country’s leading full-service B2B inbound marketing agencies, is looking to fill our open marketing manager position. If you want to be part of something very big (inbound marketing) and very hot (we’re growing like crazy), this job might be for you.

Please note that you do not need inbound marketing experience to be considered for this job. We can teach skills, but we can’t teach attitude and motivation, so these are key. It’s also critical that you see where we’re going, and want to be a part of our journey!


This role is responsible, along with our Director of Business Development, for growing the agency’s business through new customer acquisition. In a deceptively small nutshell, it’s the Marketing Manager’s job to develop Weidert Group’s own marketing strategy and execute its marketing plan. He or she must also continually enhance our reputation as a community-focused company, a leading partner of HubSpot, and a preferred employer.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Facilitating input and strategy sessions with Weidert Group’s leadership to inform and shape a yearly marketing plan (and iterations when appropriate)
  • Serving as the lead strategist on the direction of all marketing content the company creates, publishes and promotes (via social media and PR); serving as editor on all agency content
  • Managing in-house and external resources to complete all agency marketing projects on time and within budget
  • Working closely with the Director of Business Development to create content workflows that optimize conversions, and to manage leads
  • Managing multiple company events (conferences and user group sessions) and its speaker’s bureau appearances
  • Regular reporting on progress toward goal; developing plans for marketing plan modifications based on metrics
  • The Marketing Manager is also involved heavily in technology decisions, website UX, CRM, and the company’s processes and procedures, where appropriate

The Marketing Manager’s responsibilities in the inbound marketing community include:

  • Working to involve Weidert Group in all valuable aspects of the HubSpot Partner Program
  • Tracking the activity of other agencies in the inbound space, especially HubSpot partners
  • Continuous improvement of all inbound marketing tactics, including blogging methodology, social media, earned media, conversion rate optimization, website UX, and lead nurturing

You’re NOT a good candidate if:

  • You don’t have experience in managing projects from start to finish, working with multiple departments, processes and people along the way
  • You’re not comfortable presenting/selling your ideas to others, sometimes in formal situations
  • You don’t enjoy being challenged – by others’ ideas, by new ways of doing things, by conflicting needs, etc.
  • You’re uncomfortable with pressure, change and gray areas; you prefer instruction, consistency and a predictable workload
  • You don’t often raise your hand to take on added responsibilities; you prefer to just do what’s expected

You’re a GREAT candidate if you can demonstrate that:

  • You’re high energy, passionate, a quick learner, a natural promoter and driven to excel – at everything you do
  • You’re naturally very inquisitive; you want to know why things are the way they are (and are determined to figure out how they could be better)
  • You have indisputably strong writing and editing skills
  • You’re digital native who’s very comfortable with technology and able to quickly learn new ones
  • You have a collaborative, “I want to bounce some ideas off you” mindset that doesn’t get discouraged by contrarian thinking
  • You’re highly organized and can easily prioritize
  • You’re able to see the Big Picture; at the same time, you can see and process the details

The Deal Breaker

Read our Culture Code (available on the website). One of the most important characteristics of our new Marketing Manager will be his or her genuine alignment with our Culture Code.

These are some additional skills that would help ensure success in this role:

  • Technical capability with HTML/CSS
  • Experience with Adobe CC: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
  • Graphic design skills
  • CRM management experience
  • Video and photo skills
Compensation & Benefits

Weidert Group maintains a traditional Mon.- Fri., 8 am - 5 pm workweek at our offices in Appleton, Wisconsin. This position will be full-time and fully eligible for benefits. The person will primarily work on-site; this is not a remote position.

Benefits include:

  • Competitive salary (commensurate with experience)
  • 15 days paid time off annually
  • 401k with company match
  • Medical Insurance (HDHP plus HSA)
  • Dental Insurance (100% covered)
  • Employer-covered Life Insurance
  • A fun and team-focused company culture
  • Family-friendly flexibility

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