Digital Marketing Specialist (Growth Hacker)


Realvision is a tech startup with offices in Minneapolis and Toronto that provides professional real estate photographers with a platform for transforming DSLR photography into the most effective package of content for marketing properties online. The content package produced includes an interactive 3D tour, floor plans and unlimited HDR-quality still photographs of the property. Realvision Tours can be viewed across all mobile and desktop devices and are also compatible with virtual reality.

Position Details

Digital Marketing Specialist (Growth Hacker)
Twin Cities Metro
Minneapolis, MN

About the Position:

The ideal candidate for the Digital Marketing Specialist position will be an entrepreneurial quick study with an insatiable curiosity and strong desire to create content and then connect dots for strategic, testable multi-channel content distribution. In other words, you have a proven track record for creating and effectively distributing the right content on the right channel to the right audience with the right message that drives action toward the right goal. You know where and how the content you create should be digitally distributed, you can explain why it should be distributed there and how you will measure success, and you can monitor content performance after distribution to test and optimize creative and ad spends accordingly.

If you’re the ideal candidate and you think this position sounds like an ideal fit, once hired you will report directly to the Director of Marketing and help manage the execution of aggressive paid, earned and owned growth strategies by using a diverse range of tools and tactics. You may spend the morning crafting copy/content for A/B testing on Facebook and creatively engaging professional photographers on Twitter, then you may spend the afternoon analyzing campaign performance on Google Analytics and brainstorming ideas for next month’s email marketing campaigns. In between, you’ll likely spend some down time plugged into our Oculus Rift or HTC Vive to immerse yourself in the latest VR experiences for the sake of research, and for the sake of fun.

This could be an entry-level to mid-level management position depending on the qualifications of the candidate. An entry-level candidate with a demonstrated curiosity and proven ability to learn fast is more valuable to us than a veteran digital marketer who’s a specialized tactician and lacking a thirst to learn new skills and platforms. Either way, this position's responsibilities will be heavy on campaign execution with room to grow as the company scales.


  • Collaborate with Marketing Director to plan, publish, promote and optimize editorial content across digital channels, including social media, email, website, search ads, etc. 
  • Develop audience segmentations and create content that brings value to each segment. 
  • Community management of Realvision social accounts as the community scales with company growth, serving as liaison to reveal efficiencies between sales, customer care and marketing teams. 
  • Copywriting/copy editing for social content, news releases, emails, etc., with a proven understanding of best practices for content creation across channels and of copywriting for effective A/B testing. 
  • Generate reports and analyze data to monitor content and channel performance, then formulate testable hypotheses to optimize content based on data feedback. 
  • Lead social media listening and engagement program, monitoring and engaging with social media users on a daily basis. 
  • Monitor current events and trends in traditional media outlets to mine timely opportunities for media outreach and reactive content creation. 
  • Manage and build upon database of media contacts and digital influencers. 
  • Comfortably juggle diverse projects with diverse deadlines by effectively prioritizing and communicating those priorities to team.

Minimum Education:

  • Bachelor’s degree with an emphasis in Public Relations, Marketing, Mass Communications or a related field would be nice, but is not required. Demonstrating active learning by showing us what you've self-taught yourself is far more interesting and relevant. 
  • Resumes listing certifications from Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Facebook Blueprint, or any other relevant platforms will receive a gold star sticker and move to the top of the pile.

Minimum Experience:

  • One to four years of experience managing digital marketing campaigns and/or social media communities with a demonstrated ability to wear many different hats while playing in many different sandboxes. 
  • Agency experience is a plus but not required.

Key Skills:

  • Keen time and project management skills, must be extremely organized, strong attention to detail, able to function in fast-paced environment, excellent writer, etc., etc. You know the drill.

Required Skills and Experience:

  • You must be: Creative, sincerely collaborative, abnormally empathetic, and an all-around nice person who, at the same time, is comfortable candidly sharing constructive opinions and feedback that may counter team consensus. 
  • You must not be: Carrying a big ego, prone to becoming emotionally attached to your ideas or obsessed with being ”right.” Our company culture promotes an approach to problem solving based on the dialectic method, which promotes an openness of opinion from all levels of the organization. Maintaining this effective and engaging culture means we must work to keep any potential toxicity out. 
  • Skilled writer with a knack for finding and speaking to the right audience with the right voice on the right channel. 
  • Can proficiently execute and manage paid marketing campaigns across the diverse, ever-changing suite of ad units offered by social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google AdWords, etc). Having certifications from any social platforms to prove this fluency is a plus. Fluency in email marketing strategies and best practices (A/B testing, developing data architecture with CRM for automation, creating email templates, etc.) is a plus, but not required. 
  • PR/media relations experience is a plus, but not required. 
  • Graphic design and video editing experience is a huge plus, but not required.

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