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Founded in 1900, the Wisconsin School of Business established one of the first five business programs in the nation. That entrepreneurial spirit remains strong.Located within one of the world's leading public research universities, the Wisconsin School of Business is a vibrant community that honors our university's commitment to research and public service. We believe public research universities hold great untapped potential to address the world's most complex challenges. At the Wisconsin School of Business, we are uniquely positioned to redefine the partnership between universities and the business community. Together, we foster a passionate and diverse community of scholars, leaders and learners to address the business challenges, inspire leadership, and improve lives.


Position Details

Web Editor
Southwest Wisconsin
Madison, WI

The Wisconsin School of Business (WSB) has an exciting opportunity to tap your copywriter talents in web technology and writing for one of the top-rated business schools in the country. Our Academic Technology and Web (ATW) department is looking for a dynamic individual who has a strong understanding of branding and can think strategically while developing and delivering messaging for target audiences both externally and internally for WSB. The primary responsibilities of the position include developing, writing, and editing content for a variety of digital media and tactics, including web sites, email campaigns and more.

Principal duties:

This position works closely with colleagues in the Academic Technology and Web (ATW) unit as well as staff within the Wisconsin School of Business. Primary responsibilities include developing, writing, and editing content for a variety of digital media and tactics, including web sites, email campaigns, and more. This position will ensure brand consistency in the "voice" of the School of Business in all copy. A secondary area will be to collaborate with ATW colleagues on information architecture and site design to optimize content delivery.

80% Development and Maintenance of Digital Content:

1. Utilize collaboration, research, analytics, competitive analysis, user feedback, and knowledge of best practices to inform content strategy.

2. Write and edit website content for both external and internal audiences that will inform, influence, and drive users to take desired actions.

3. Work closely with ATW designers and developers to bring content to life and create compelling user experiences.

4. Edit and proofread the work of others for accuracy, style, brand voice, and audience focus/communication objectives.

5. Take a lead role in managing tools and processes to keep WSB websites accurate, up-to-date, and error free.

6. Participate in SEO strategy, implementation, and measurement of success.

7. Support the development of style standards and training for other web authors outside the ATW team.

15% Internal and External Relationship Management:

1. Be a supporting member of the agile web development team, helping coworkers meet their individual goals as well as team goals.

2. Share thoughtful and constructive feedback to others and remain open to feedback from them.

3. Provide responsive customer service to our partners within WSB program offices, departments, and other units setting appropriate expectations, maintaining honest communication, and building trust.

5% Other Duties as Assigned:

1. Take part in professional development activities.

2. Serve as an active participant on campus teams as requested.3. Participate in school events as requested.

Minimum of 1-2 years professional experience copywriting and editing of marketing and editorial content for the web and other digital communications preferred. Experience within higher education is a plus.


  • Excellent copywriting and copyediting skills with proficiency in web technology and writing for the web.
  • Strong understanding of branding and ensuring that copy reflects brand voice and communication goals.
  • Ability to think strategically and understand audiences, with experience translating complex concepts for a broad audience, developing messaging for target audiences, and creating effective user experiences on the web.
  • Impeccable command of the English language, with the ability to learn and follow Wisconsin School of Business (WSB) style guidelines.
  • Ability to function well under deadline pressure and meet project deadlines.
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills; ability to work toward goals within deadlines, manage complex projects, and handle multiple priorities.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with groups and individuals in diverse settings and using a range of techniques including face-to-face, telephone, email, and other written correspondence, as well as public speaking with confidence to present and explain ideas to clients and colleagues.

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