About Us

Founded in 2006, Big Shoes Network (BSN) is the outgrowth of a little idea and a big desire of Jeff & Martha Carrigan to help others.

More specifically, we know first-hand how frustrating it can be to land that first job. We know the challenges involved in trying to move from one industry to another. We know that "restless" feeling you get when it's time to move on to a bigger gig. We know the sheer work involved with keeping your spirits up, sending out resumes, and networking as you search for that next opportunity. In the end, we've been there. We know.

That's why we started BSN. We wanted something a little different. Something far more targeted and personal. Thus, our purpose is to present internships, freelance gigs and job openings to you that are in advertising, communications, graphic design, marketing, public relations, social media, and web design & development.

All of these opportunities are located in Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin. That's our market. That's what we know best.

As a result of BSN's focus, thousands of employers and jobseekers get connected to one another via our web site. Hopefully, we can help you start or advance in your career. Better yet, maybe we can assist a colleague of yours.

All we ask is that you spread the word about Big Shoes Network. Thanks so much.

Jeff & Martha Carrigan

Jeff & Martha Carrigan