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About Us:

Carmichael Lynch was established in 1962, and we’ve been re-establishing ourselves every day since to deliver the Unfair Ideas that give our clients an unfair advantage. Because we believe that’s what this business requires: a fresh perspective, a new approach, and an interdependent group of people dedicated to taking on whatever new challenge or opportunity the day brings.

That’s why we bring a holistic approach to marketing, gathering together the best of all disciplines under one roof. We understand that today’s modern companies need a creative partner that works the way they do: fast, open, and collaboratively. Which, done correctly, is itself a little unfair.

Position Details

Associate Content Producer
Twin Cities Metro
Minneapolis, MN

Job Description:

We find ourselves in need of a solid, talented Associate Content Producer.

The Associate Content Producer is responsible for the management of day-to-day production needs on any of the following: TV, Radio, Event support, Web Content (ie. webfilms, high end animation/CGI) and Branded Entertainment (ie. episodic shows, films, etc.). **Overseeing Print needs when required.

In addition, this role is responsible to support business improvement by meeting personal and departmental goals and objectives timely and effectively.

Essential Functions/Principal Accountabilities of the Job:

Day-to-day responsibilities for this role include but are not limited to:

  • Assisting more senior level Producers on their jobs/needs. More involved shadowing. 
  • Running more Post Prod sessions and/or phases of larger jobs. 
  • Being more seasoned in the vendors/talent, rules, contacts and technology – but still learning. 
  • Taking on and running smaller level jobs (w/ a senior level Producer overseeing) from A – Z. 
  • Hands-on training continues. 
  • Basic mentoring of Assistant Producers. 
  • More involved estimating / scheduling requirements. 
  • Travel starts to come into play at this level. 
  • More client facing expectations.

Day-to-day producer responsibilities:

  • Plans the essential production process: budget & timing / team / plan of attack for creative need. 
  • Manages all aspects of pre-production, production and postproduction that pertain to the creation and delivery of the creative need. 
  • Maintains clear communication with necessary Business Mgr, Proj Mgr, Creative, other Production teams and Account Management people to facilitate workflow. 
  • Presents production budgets and schedules and addresses production related questions for internal and external clients. 
  • Provides vision and plan for vendor selection process (ie. Director, Editor, VFX/design, Audio, Animator, Event Planner/Mrktr, etc.) to best meet the creative needs. 
  • Trains and develops other team members. 
  • Remains current on industry and technological trends. 
  • Identifies potential legal issues and interfaces with Business Mgr and IPG legal counsel to resolve issues.

Note: These are the major functions and accountabilities required of the position and are the predominant criteria by which performance will be assessed. OTHER DUTIES AS ASSIGNED.

Work direction is from: Director of Production.

Required Skills:


  • A bachelor’s degree in production, or a closely-related field.

Skills and Experience:

  • 3+ years of production experience, preferably in an agency setting. 
  • Strong understanding of all production phases and their respective processes. 
  • Strong vendor knowledge and relationships. 
  • Strong production budgeting and scheduling skills/experience. 
  • Strong creative, solutions driven mind. 
  • Strong oral and written communication skills

Computer Skills:

  • Required: MS Word, Excel, PPT, Filemaker, Database software, iMovie/QT Pro 
  • Not required but beneficial: basic understanding of the following – AVID, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Online boxes (Smoke, Flame, Inferno), Telecine (Spirit, etc), D.I., Flash, Photoshop, HTML, Java, FTP, server setups and video compression, Pro Tools, Illustrator, Garageband, etc..

Travel Requirements:

  • Some travel is expected.

Competencies (characteristics and work style) desired include:

  • Ability to manage personal workload well; 
  • Ability to prioritize personal (and/or team) workload effectively; 
  • Action oriented, self starter; 
  • Well-organized, with excellent follow through, an ability to work well under pressure, to effectively manage multiple projects simultaneously, and an ability to consistently meet deadlines; 
  • Approachability; 
  • Strong written and oral communication skills; and 
  • Strong time management skills.

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