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We help our clients define their brands, develop strong marketing & sales programs and reach their business goals. Whether it is business-to-business or consumer marketing, we stand ready to help.

Our work spans many industries - service and hospitality, construction, healthcare, non-profit, retail, industrial and consumer products to name a few! Mangold Creative partners with our business clients to make the most of their brand and budget! With a passion for business - well, a passion for life really - we hope to engage, inspire and help our clients realize their business goals. We get our kicks helping our clients reach their Full Brand Potential!

Position Details

Digital Marketing Specialist
Southeast Wisconsin
Pewaukee, WI

Do you feel at home with acronyms like PPC, CPC and CPI? Does your pantry look like you’ve organized it by campaigns and ad groups? Do you dream at night about mastering the latest platform feature or algorithm change that Mr. Zuckerburg threw your way? If so, you might have just found your career game changer with Mangold Creative.

Join our team and help us translate “big ideas” for our client’s digital marketing needs. Let your vision for the client’s digital strategies be carried out across Google Ads, Social Media, and other platforms while you keep a keen eye on analytics, conversion rates and ever changing algorithms. With partners in crime like great Project Managers, stellar Graphic Designers, a Web Rockstar and Leadership to guide the way, you’ll have the support you need to focus on producing great results across a variety of digital channels!

The Digital Marketing Specialist is responsible for the digital marketing services of the agency. They interface between the client and the account team, and are responsible for taking strategic marketing plans and interpreting them into “big ideas” for the client’s digital needs. Most of all, the Digital Marketing Specialist should have a “vision” about the importance of the digital product to the future success of the agency and the business growth of its clients.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate end-to-end production digital advertising, social media advertising, analytics, SEO, email marketing and other new media
  • Craft and manage digital marketing campaigns including platform selection, advertising placement, keyword strategies, budget allocations, and implementation of campaigns across all digital marketing, pay-per-click and social media platforms
  • Collect and interpret analytics information, adjusting strategies to fit business goals
  • Stay abreast of changing algorithms, platform changes and software enhancements, ensuring best practices evolve with time
  • Standardize agency digital media workflows, products and pricing, while continually evaluating for changing technology
  • Develop and implement digital process improvements including monitoring, reporting tools, and paid campaign management tools
  • Monitor and measure performance of all digital marketing activities against goals and budgets
  • Ensure digital practices follow current laws, licensing agreements and ethical best practices


  • 3-5 years applicable industry experience Associates or Bachelors Degree preferred, but not necessary
  • Experience in Google Ads/Pay Per Click platform, Google Analytics, and Tag Manager
  • Experience in Social Media Advertising Platforms including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Experience in Email marketing, CRM and related platforms such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Pardot, Sales Force, and HubSpot
  • Experience in SEO and basic website development knowledge in WordPress, Google Search Console

Necessary Traits for the Position:

  • Demonstrated ability to apply marketing concepts to achieve business goals.
  • Possesses effective communication skills
  • Demonstrates the ability to work independently and meet deadlines
  • Ability to prioritize projects, pay excellent attention to detail, and multi-task
  • Able to manage a fluid budget across tactics, platforms, and vendors
  • Ability to quickly learn and leverage new digital technologies Self-starting initiative and a relentless focus on delivering results
  • Possesses integrity, passion and enthusiasm for your work

Salaried position, compensation based on experience and qualifications. Please submit your salary history or expectations with your application.

Full-Time Employee Benefits Include:

  • Healthcare insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Cell phone allowance
  • Our 401 HEYYYYYYY program with employer match
  • Disability and life insurance
  • Paid holidays (including your birthday)
  • Vacation package
  • Team outings

The Intangibles:

  • A fun, colorful, laid back office environment
  • Only a short walk from the beach in historic, quaint Downtown Pewaukee
  • The chance to be part of the BEST team in the world
  • Being greeted by the MC mascot each morning, our Chief Barketing Officer
  • An always learning, always growing, always being the best you kind of place

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