Executive Director of Data/Analytics

Bader Rutter

Bader Rutter is an independent, integrated marketing services agency with headquarters in Milwaukee and additional offices in Chicago and Lincoln, Nebraska. We specialize in full-service advertising and marketing campaigns, and our 275 employees work in public relations, account management, creative, production, digital, strategy, social media, campaign management, data and analytics, media and more.

We do the hard stuff that matters. We are hardcore creative, stage-diving into each project like it’s the only project in the world. That’s how we make every idea count. We don’t care about easy. We care about great. It’s worked for more than 40 years.

We know finding and fostering great talent is the secret to success. That’s why we’ve created an agency that inspires and develops talent. With river views and downtown life, Bader Rutter offices capture the spirit of place and the buzz of business. Named one of Milwaukee’s “Coolest Offices,” our open concept design facilitates interaction. Because, when you bring smart, creative people together, they inspire each other.


Position Details

Executive Director of Data/Analytics
Southeast Wisconsin
Milwaukee, WI

Your analytical curiosity drives your ideas and leadership. And you know the quest for great work is a collaborative enterprise, so you partner with subject matter experts and consider yourself a lifelong learner.

You know that designing, implementing and optimizing communication measurement plans requires trust in the data and solutions-oriented analysis. You inspire that in your team, too, advocating for action toward better performing communications. And you have the expertise — with more than 10 years of experience gathering data, analyzing performance across multiple marketing and communications channels and building the analytics infrastructure to enable broad access. You could do it all yourself, but you know the real strength is in numbers. You’re passionate about teaching and coaching data scientists and analysts to use the smartest techniques to process and analyze information. Colleagues would call you technical, logical, analytical, a collaborator and a mentor. Your love of data shines through in everything you do. As our executive director of data and analytics, you’ll provide leadership and direction for our analytics offering and lead the team responsible for analyzing communications performance and connecting the dots across a multitude of channels. You take a hands-on approach — from multitouch attribution to media mix modeling, you’re eager to lead the implementation of new analytics technology. You’re ready for a new challenge and excited for a career-defining role. Join our team to transform a key offering. Like us, you know it’s not easy, but it’s worth it.

Here’s why we want you:

  • You have 10 or more years of experience analyzing marketing and communications performance results across multiple channels, including experience with Tableau, Google Analytics, multitouch attribution techniques and media mix modeling. 
  • You have five or more years of experience managing two or more data scientists and analytics staff members with a track record of further developing their talents. 
  • You have expertise in analytics platforms (e.g., Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics), tools and tracking mechanisms (e.g., Google Tag Manager, UTM, tracking pixels). 
  • You have hands-on experience with the data analysis in channels and technologies such as Tableau, Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, marketing automation platforms and more. 
  • You have the technical knowledge of the systems required to efficiently and effectively analyze data, such as business intelligence platforms, statistical analysis tools, databases, dashboards and more. 
  • Your ability to lead and inspire strategic analytical solutions is proven.

We offer a flexible work environment, competitive wage/benefits package including medical and 401k. As an agency, we value our people and offer many wellness initiatives and social events including regular on-site yoga, opportunities to give back to the community and various team-oriented activities.

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