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Byte is a mission driven boutique interactive studio that specializes in websites, applications and other interactives for cultural institutions, nonprofits and progressive organizations that promote quality food, environmental practices for a better world. We’ll work for a cause, or to work in cool tech, and sometimes even just to pay the bills. We’re actively enhancing and growing our portfolio as well as finding smarter ways to run the business to attract some of the best organizations and institutions nationally.

Byte adores beauty and craft and abhors boring. Wordpress, Drupal and theme-based works in general have their place, but not at Byte. We want to make the web an amazing place that also does everything our clients want. When we take the extra steps at something different and better, we’re helping our clients stand out and be seen as experts and leaders. We work deep in data, including interfaces, importing/exporting, APIs and data visualizations. We create a lot of web applications, not the least of which is our own data-centric content management system. Because of that, we spend a lot of time working through HCI principles, usability, accessibility, wireframing and a lot of the UX sensibilities.


Position Details

Lead Interactive Designer
Southeast Wisconsin
Milwaukee, WI

Byte, a mission driven boutique interactive studio that specializes in websites, applications and other interactives for cultural institutions, nonprofits and progressive organizations, is looking for mid level or senior designer who wants to make the world a better place as our lead interactive designer. The designer would be responsible for conceptualization and realization of client projects, and include Byte’s vision by pushing the media and making the web a more interesting place. The designer would be working directly with clients from start to finish, and would be instrumental in ensuring their organizations’ missions are expanded or deepened through design and functionality.

Visually, the designer would be creating layered, subtle, complex designs that buck the current trend of over-simplified, dumbed down websites. Many of our projects include data sets that need to be designed from both an infographics and interface, so working with complexity is the nature of the job. The designer will be using UX methodologies and accessibility as part of the process of design and feedback, but we’re happy to train on UX and accessibility. An interest in physical computing, wayfinding, kiosks and interactive installations, etc. is a plus, but at a minimum, the designer will create more immersive, unique experiences and work with the developers to make the designs a reality.

Professionally, the designer will need to be an effective communicator with clients, good at managing their own time and projects, and be thrive collaborating with a small team of developers and designers. As a team, we’re always learning, so being open to learning and growing both as a designer and as part of the team will be vital. Byte, as a studio, is focusing in on a strategy that includes us doing world class work for major cultural institutions and organizations, so we need to work “above our paygrade,” meaning delivering work that’s beyond expectations, strongly QC’d and sometimes beyond our skillset. The designer will be part of making Byte a better, smarter studio.

The job includes:

  • Flexible 40 hour work week with no required overtime
  • Bonuses if you do want to work more hours
  • Paid sick/vacation
  • Direct access to coders and clients
  • Endless learning opportunities for new web / interactive tech
  • Time to explore non-client projects
  • Opportunities to travel to clients and conferences
  • Other benefits by request

Since we work mostly for non-profits, the pay isn’t agency/financial firm pay, but you will be building a great portfolio, doing something different, and doing work more ethically in tune with the world we live in.

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