Marketing Intern

C3 Corporation

Who We ARE

We are an engineering firm dedicated to automation that designs and manufactures equipment. Our machines automate foam and mattress manufacturing floors from pour to package.

In over 24 years of business, we developed many engineered systems with similar applications being used in a variety of industries. Today, we focus on foam and bedding industries, but have done work in paper, food and beverage, nonwovens, and others.

Design, Manufacture, & Ship from One Facility

In our state-of-the-art facility, we improve the success of our onsite visits by engineering, manufacturing, and testing every project before it ships. Our engineering team is involved in every step of the manufacturing process, guaranteeing a final machine that meets and exceeds expectations. We’re proud our machinery is stamped “Made in Wisconsin.” Our warehousing facility supports our main location with consumables inventory, receiving, and sup-assembly. 


Our team values ingenuity and integrity. In everything we do and create, we make sure we’re instilling these values. Ingenuity drives our curiosity and problem solving for our clients to find the best solutions for their manufacturing. Integrity ensures we tackle projects as a team and invest the hard work to get the job done right. In the end, we end up with a project that’s worth showcasing.


When working with C3, you get a partner who is persistent on improving and advancing your business. We are not a “rent a pencil,” one-off company. We are an extension of your engineering arm. You’ll gain access to top tier mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, designers, developers, and coders who master in advancing manufacturing. We approach every project from a 30,000 ft view – never to provide a band-aid solution. C3 is always hungry for a better solution.

Position Details

Marketing Intern
Northeast Wisconsin
Appleton, WI

Marketing Internship

Gain in-house marketing experience in manufacturing (largest sector in Wisconsin), yet nestled in a vibrant niche market. Work alongside a team of untraditional creatives, from intraprenuers to engineers. Own projects from start to finish in writing, videography, and program development. See your work published, adding direct value to a brand’s identity.

We have a lot of stories to tell. We are an engineering company that designs and manufactures equipment for the foam and mattress industry. We’re knee-deep in one of the most disruptive and transformed industries as of late. The development of our roll cage equipment has allowed the mattress industry to explode into ecommerce markets. We’re one of a handful of OEMs doing this work and it’s changing the way foam is manufactured, handled, shipped and delivered to the hands of consumers.

Day in the Life of a Marketing Intern

Ok, I have to disclose the person behind this – I’m Courtney. I’m the one behind the scenes here of all-things marketing at C3. I work nestled among the Sales team, Support team, and IT team. I wear a lot of hats, and frankly, I need help!

My colleague Mark and I have built our brand to reach across a variety of platforms with great messaging. We’ve transformed what it means to be marketing for a manufacturing company, and we’re proud of the identity we’ve built for C3. Because we’re both high energy with a lot of ideas, we can’t possibly ship them all. We need someone to come in and help us continue to execute on projects while we work on growing our audience engagement.

As a Marketing Intern, you’ll work direct with me, Courtney, in the execution of projects such as:

  • Writing content like blogs and email campaigns 
  • Social media management 
  • Video production 
  • Intern recruitment campaign 

Ideally, you’ll start in January 2019 part time while still in school. You’ll also help with things like file organization and storage among departments and platforms, data entry into our ERP and CRM systems, and manage files in our C3 Community and Locker Rooms that go to our clients. It’ll be a great mix of helping our team stay organized and on track, while also having your own projects to work on from start to finish.

You’re going to learn two software systems, a slew of graphic design and writing best practices, how to manage and measure digital marketing efforts, and a myriad more from the brains you’ll work with here at C3.

Our Marketing Intern is an expert at:

  • Working independently to execute on a strategy 
  • Share their ideas through storytelling 
  • Writing, they are likely published somewhere or doing well in English classes (we’ll test this!) 
  • A social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter), and have managed a page or group before 
  • Analytics and measurement best practices, they probably took a digital marketing class or two in school 
  • The years of experience and the field of study you’re pursuing can vary. 

We’re more concerned with what you’ve created and the skills you learned along the way. Curiosity and a strong interest in learning is important, as well as your ability to write. If you are a good writer, this is your position!

Our department has a lot to tackle next year; we set our bar high. You’ll work as part of the greater team on things like trade show booth development, website upgrades, ERP implementation, magazine publications, and more.

Make it Past the Noise

We can’t wait to bring someone on our team who can’t wait to share their work with us! Someone who has a strong passion for creating, and desire to ship as many pieces of great content as they can over the course of their internship. Passive workers need not apply. This position is going to be fun and you’ll be pushed; you’ll learn a ton and you’ll have work out in the world to prove it. It’s the kind of position where you’ll get out what you put in x10 – because you’ll be working on a team who wants to see you succeed.

This is the once-in-a-lifetime marketing internship you never knew existed. If you want this level of work, introduce yourself. Show us why you’re a good fit for our marketing team. If a resume and cover letter tell your story, send them. We’d really like it if you sent us something cool, too.

Ability to work part time during the school year and full time during the Summer!

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