C2 Graphics Productivity Solutions

C2, the premiere talent placement agency for creatives in Wisconsin, provides the best talent in the market at the most competitive rates. Rigorously tested and hand-picked at the peak of freshness, C2 talent out-performs the competition with versatile web code warriors and speedy production artists. We also have a roster of writers, marketing specialists, account execs and public relations professionals to serve your needs. We guarantee the skills of our talent. Our Adobe and Macromedia certified instructors test our talent's software skills, we review portfolios and work samples...we guarantee satisfaction or you don't pay a dime! Recent clients include: Hoffman York, Yunker Industries, Waldbillig & Besteman, Milwaukee Public Museum, Quad Creative, Reiman Publications, Mader Communications and many more.

Contact: Erica Conway
Title: President & Co-Owner
Phone: 414-431-0062
Email: erica@c2gps.com
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