The CAUSEGEAR brand was created to make a sustainable difference for those who make our fashion. Our T-shirts are made by women freed from human trafficking. Our mission is built on organizations & businesses who shift purchases For Human Justice®. Services include Silk-screening, embroidery, leather embossing plus: 

  • Color matching 
  • Custom color T-shirts 
  • Custom product design 
Justice Partner Package with all purchases includes: 
  • Custom hang tags
  • Impact overview
  • Logo & backlink on our client partners page
  • Marketing your event through our social media channels.

Merge your brand with CAUSEGEAR items, stand For Human Justice®. Today 2.8 billion people live in poverty.* Designed in Chicago & handcrafted in India, CG provide life's essentials thru a 5X JOB. CG crafters are paid a sustainable wage to support 3 of their dependents. Every CG item is meticulously handcrafted, with the FACETAG of one of the crafters. CG provides socially-responsible supply while maintaining quality. As a CG partner, your purchases can have a tangible impact on ending global poverty and injustice. *Global Slavery Index

Contact: Susan Pokorny
Title: Partner Development
Phone: 262-751-3463
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